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"The Star Boutique’s first event came to my attention through a forwarded e-mail at my organization. Although the purpose of the correspondence was to encourage donations of clothing and accessories, I was immediately compelled to be a part of this wonderful endeavor. My experience as a volunteer in February 20013 and again in August 2013 was both rewarding and empowering. Volunteering with the Star Boutique has helped me realize the absolute power in making an impact to the lives of youth through sheer selflessness and a smile.”

- Lawanda Innocent











 It was my first time attending anything like this.  I had an amazing time at the boutique, I love my dresses. It was a blessing to be there and meet everyone. Have a good day and god bless everyone!    

-Ciara, Youth Participant



I am proud of the Boutique and it’s Success.  My daughter got some Awesome Dresses and Shoes, plus Accessories.  She is FULL of herself right now…Thank you! Thank you guys so much you helped me to save money and to be able to receive name brand dresses for free and that is a Blessing.  God Bless and keep up the good work. 

-Katherine - Parent   



"The star boutique by far is one of the best experiences ive ever had giving back. We think we are giving them so much but I leave just as full as the girls do. Its a special experience."

-Fantasa Benjamin

"The Star boutique was really interesting and I enjoyed every last minute of it. I enjoyed the fundamental activities that they gave at the boutique amongst all, the wonderful clothes that were given away. The life coach was great! It was an amazing time and I felt comfortable and safe to be myself."

-Transgendered Youth Participant




"Volunteering with The Star Boutique has been such an amazing experience. Seeing the excitement and joy on these girls' faces while they "shop" for new clothes is priceless. The Star Boutique is so much more than a clothing drive. These young women walk away with a new sense of self-confidence and empowerment - the awesome clothes they take home are just a bonus! I'm proud to be a part of such a great organization!"

- Lacy Hooyer






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