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 The Star Boutique, Inc. is a charity-driven pop-up shop that provides clothing, shoes, accessories, makeovers and mentorship to teenage girls who are affected by transitional housing in New York City. Looking beyond the physical attire that the Boutique provides, our primary mission is to promote confidence, empowerment and sisterhood. The Star Boutique is a transformative space that allows girls to shine beyond their circumstances.

The Star Boutique, Inc. serves young ladies ages 13 through 20.  Our participants come from partner community organizations, housing shelters and schools in New York City.  Star Boutique participants include teenage mothers, teens with disabilities, LGBT youth and those who are impacted by domestic abuse and bullying, as well as low self-esteem and depression.

Although we are a charity, our participants are not treated like "Charity Cases". Instead, they receive the five-star treatment! In addition to receiving a new wardrobe, we offer our Stars full-blown makeovers; hair, nails and makeup included. To ensure that our Stars are transformed both inside and out, all sessions begin with a presentation and activities built to support them with increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

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